Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charm Box

So what i did was painted the box, wood appliques, and feet, that i bought from Michael's with Off White spray paint. It took two cans to cover the entire box and appliques and feet. I have to warn you to be careful not to get high. LOL..and then i started placing all the other elements. 
I really like the vintage/shabby feel of this box. And i think it really reflects my style. Im not all out vintage but i like to mix and match styles in one. 

Hope you guys like it.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi there! This box is awesome!! You did a fanstastic job. I follow you on youtube and actually have tried to duplicate some of your stuff ( definately not as good, though) anyways, I havent noticed boxes at Michaels - I have to look now. I will try this, though. Hope it turns out at least CLOSE! Thanks for posting - you're great!

  2. Very beautiful!! Hugs, Ante Velma

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  4. You work is amazing, absolutely Stunning!


  5. Are you planning on selling this because I will definitely buy it!