Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burlap Sacks

This mini album is one of the example that you can do with this sacks. I think it gives it a more unique and fun look to the book. So fun to paint on them and embellish them with anything that you desire. Just make sure you use hot glue to adhere the papers or any embellishments onto the burlap. And also make sure that you have a piece of cardboard inside the bag when you are using hot glue so the bag wont stick together or it won't close up on you. To whoever gets to buy this sacks, HAVE FUN!!!!


  1. this blew me away!!! You are one creative chickie

  2. Awesome idea with the sacks.....just bought a set. Thank you for offering them!!

  3. Dang.. I left a message with you on youtube yesterday.. please let me know when you will have more.. I want four (4) sets...