Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Tea for Two"!

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to share a "tea for two" setting i usually have with my daughter, Celestine. My Priscilla is not a big fan of tea but my youngest enjoys them. Makes her feel so classy and girly and its just a fun way to relax and spend time with my daughter. And also it makes a beautiful memory. I am a moderate tea drinker and loves to collect bone chinas. Above are the teacups and saucers that my husband bought me from a local Antique shop, the Junkees! That store is a Maze ball! Love browsing through the vintage booths. And the tea pot is very vintage made from England that i picked up from Julies.; another local Antique shop that i love to visit sometimes. These is just our usual setting, sometimes i can get over board and more fancier. But i hope some of you that think Tea party is just for old folks.....gets inspired to serve them as a healthy ritual for body and soul.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a bless day. Ciao!

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