Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vintage shopping at Benicia!

 I absolutely love this store called "NEST" it is inside the Tanners Building in the Old town feel  Benicia CA. And there are tons of Vintage-Antique shop in one strip, i couldn't believe it.
There are so many vintage findings that i wanted to buy but we came with just our suv. No rooms for big furniture items. But i did bought tons of treasures! One of them is the swag style vintage chic chandelier, pictured below: I just love it!!! Im not sure where im going to place it yet since i already have one in my scrap room. I also found few pieces of milk glass items from other vintage shop. We love this town, the smell of fresh air and friendly people are very inviting.
And oh, just so u guys know i did asked permission to the store owners if i could take pics for blog post purposes. Ok toddles!


  1. Thank you. More to come. Have a nice day.

  2. Wow sis vintage is very beautiful:)

  3. Ah vintage goodness. WOW Rose your children are so beautiful, what a blessing.