Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Rendition of an altered muffin pan and bag for flower pots!

 So i decided to alter a muffin pan for a beautiful crafter in YT name,Bona. She is one of the first people that i started to watch in YT. She inspired me so much to start making vids and just think outside the box and also a lot of crafters from beginners to advance crafters were inspired by her countless creations! Love yah Bona!
 Filled with yumminess!

 Brown bags from grocery stores that i painted and stamped with Parisian advertisement.
Its a great way to add a lil touch of a chic look to flower pots for gifts, of course the flowers needs to be watered and drained first before placing them in the bags. Love the look!

 Thanks for looking!
Have a wonderful day!

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